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Distribution of Housing Assistance (11/24/2016) - Distribution of housing assistance for the victims of typhoon Karen last October were made possible this day, November 24 of this year at Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council Office (MDRRMC), the said distribution started at 9:00am, t . . . Click to read more

Hari ng bukid, Bayani ng ating bayan: TATAK MAGSASAKA (11/24/2016) - We only need a doctor at least once a year, an engineer once or twice a lifetime, a teacher for every school year, but we need a farmer every day to produce rice. Ang mga magsasaka ang tinaguriang "Hari ng bukid, Bayani ng ating bayan," dahil malak . . . Click to read more

Half a million worth of grocery items shared to 100 members of OFWs (10/20/2016) - Half a million (Php500,000) worth of grocery items shared to hundred members of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) for the fulfilment of "Palabra de Honor Doctrine" of Mayor Alex Rommel Romano administration. Actual distribution of grocery items were . . . Click to read more

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